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Intercede for Irving

God has called his Church to be a City on a Hill, the light of the world.  If we are to answer this call to shine brightly in our community, we can't do it alone.  We must bring this community before God in prayer, as well as our efforts to reach it.  In July, we are focusing on praying for our neighborhood here in south Irving. First and foremost, we are praying that everyone who has not given their life to following Jesus will be drawn to Jesus by God’s love, the good news of His grace, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. We will be praying not only for those who don’t know Jesus, but also for the city government, schools, local businesses, the homeless, and other local churches who minister in this community. 

Prayers we are praying:

  • Pray, first and foremost, that God's kingdom would come here in South Irving, and that more people would come to know the King Jesus Christ

  • Pray that God would bless other nearby churches.  Ask that he would pour out his Spirit on their leaders, bring more unchurched people to their doors, and bless their congregations.

  • Pray for city hall and the elected officials that work there.  Ask that God would bless  them and grant them wisdom as they lead in our city.

  • Pray for our schools.  Pray that God would raise up godly students and teachers to be lights that bring hope in dark places.  Ask that God would keep them safe this coming school year.

  • Pray for the poor in our surrounding neighborhoods.  Pray that God would provide for the homeless and be extra near to the least of these.  Pray for ministries such as Irving Cares and Many Helping Hands that provide care and resources for the homeless in Irving.

  • Pray for first responders.  Ask that God would keep them safe as they work to keep us safe and keep the peace where we live.

  • Last but not least, pray for our church.  Pray that God would grant us favor with our community.  Pray that God would draw the lost from our surrounding neighborhoods to our church and that He would fill us with his love and power to effectively share the good news with them.


You can participate in July’s prayer focus not only through your individual prayers, but also through weekly prayer walks throughout south Irving.  We will gather at the church and then set out to walk the nearby streets, praying for our neighbors, other churches, local businesses, and government offices.  There will be a prayer walk scheduled for each week of the month of July:

  • Friday July 12 at 7:00am

  • Monday July 15 at 7:00pm

  • Friday July 26 at 7:00am

  • Monday July 29 at 7:00pm

Come join us in praying for our south Irving community. Let’s see what God will do!

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